Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Name

So shortly after I posted the blog for today I realized that there's no point to keep everything a secret if I'm trying to blog about it.  Hence settling on the name Chronicling Reinora.

Reinora is the name of my world and since I'm writing about the process of writing the Chronicles (Dear Lord I hate that word, have you noticed it's an ugly word?  It's not so bad with S on the end, it's ugly with ING on it... yeah, weird I know, but there you go.)  I figured a blog's name should actually have something to do with what you're writing on so there it is, bright and shiny.  I changed the website address too so it's the same as the name.  Yay me!  I wrote some more after I posted last (eventually, fb got in the way first v.v, dang addicting games!) and I'm feeling pretty good about where it's going.  I'll post an excerpt when I've finished at least a chapter's worth.

I finally have the name worked out, it should show up properly on search sites.  Yay!

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