Friday, December 2, 2011

Poetical Waxings - "Things to do"

Be yourself.

Know yourself.

Find yourself.

Lose yourself.

Love yourself.

Laugh for no reason.

Smile for no reason.

Love for no reason.

Forgive with every iota of your being.


Love your enemies.
Love your neighbor.

Love your friends.

Love your family.
Love God.

Pray for your enemies.

Pray for your neighbors.

Pray for your friends.

Pray for your family.

Pray for your Life.

Pray with abandon.

Pray with Joy.

Praise Him for all the Blessings given, whatever size.
Live every day the way God designed for it to be lived.

Live knowing you are Forgiven.
Live knowing you are cared for.

Live knowing you are Loved.

Live knowing you will never be alone.

Live with Joy.

Live with Sorrow.

Know there are times for both.

Live every moment with everything you've got, hold nothing back.

Don't just exist.