Monday, January 9, 2012

Long Pauses

I've been thinking alot lately and been feeling up and down like I"ve been on a roller coaster.  Life's like that sometimes isn't it?  Even when the roller coaster isn't because of epic travels or important, world altering situations that you're in it can be hard.  That roller coaster is part of why I haven't been posting blog posts as frequently as I originally intended.  The other part of that is Christmas... It's a peculiar time of year Christmas.  Usually I want to think of it as this wonderful magical time of year where family gets together and enjoys time with each other, where nothing can go wrong and blessings pour out on every person it touches.

Most of the time that's not what happens.  Family gets together sure, but there's the same old feuds there were last year unless you've already fixed them.  They might get hidden behind pretty blouses or new ties but they're still there and they sit and fester if they're not dealt with.  Sometimes they even come out around everyone else and hopefully they'll at least get fixed when they do but who knows what's really going to happen when Cousin Jill smacks Cousin Joe right?

It occurs to me now as I write this that as much as it may not be entirely a bad thing that Christmas is so full of conflicts for everyone except for the children (and even then).  At least not for a writer.  Especially not one who has spent a great deal of time learning to pay attention (as per my previous post series about acting and writing).  Think about it, that subtle interplay among your family could easily be extrapolated to display the intricate intrigues of a court in a world that doesn't even know your family exists.  Be careful of course to learn the forms but don't take precise situations.  Last thing you'd want is to let your family read it and have them recognize the conflict!  Still, it's a learning experience.  It's just a very busy one.

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!