Friday, November 4, 2011

Dialogue - How's yours?

I have always hated dialogue.  Not reading it, but writing it.  Why?  Who knows, maybe I hated it because I never really spoke much in my own life.  Maybe I hated it for some random other reason.  Honestly it was probably just because it was something I was never very good at.

Now you may laugh at me for this, but the thing that's really helped me to improve my dialogue?  Improve acting.

Yup, you've got it.  I role play.  That's all role playing is and no, that's NOT in a sexual way.  Make a story with a friend (in person is best), give the background, both of you think of characters and start talking with someone.  Speak not as yourself but as your character and remember the situation you're in as your character.  If you're like me and you either are or you think you are terrible with dialogue I've found this to be a very fun and useful way to improve your dialogue.  It helps your brain think differently too.  And it's a break from writing when it might be frustrating you a little bit.

I've no idea if it'll work for you, but hey, it's certainly helped me!  And dialogue, especially authentic dialogue, is a very important part of any novel.  As much fun as exposition is it's not exactly something you want for your entire novel.

Happy Novel Month!