Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chocolate Ganache

Life has been crazy lately, trying to get everything done and keep writing. While I have had the inclination to write I haven't had the time.  I have however been chosen for a small acting role for a short film that I am extremely excited about. I will probably give more details when I'm done and have permission to do so. (Assuming they give me permission!)

But one of the things that is really taking up a lot of my time is chocolate and the quest for a ganache without cream. It seems next to impossible to find and I can feel another book idea creeping up on me as I search for it. I expect the next romance I write may very well be centered around chocolate, mystery and love. It is a fun idea for me.

There is actually a ganache that you can do without cream called a butter ganache, but I haven't had the courage to try it yet. Or the time for that matter. It's funny though how things in your everyday life can give you such inspiration for future ideas. Cut yourself off from noticing life around you and expect writer's block. Pay attention and live life and suddenly your access to materials for future novels grows. If you're stuck with your writing live a little more life then go back to it. After all, whatever story you might be writing about, in the end you're still writing about life. (And yes, writing about death, the undead or the afterLIFE still counts in my book.)