Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fiction vs Non-fiction

Lately I've been having a great deal of trouble working on my novel.  I think my last chapter messed a bunch of stuff up and didn't come out right at all and it's really thrown me for a loop.  That being said I've proportionately been playing in the kitchen more and making up more recipies.

My husband and I aren't rich by any means and it's both forced and allowed us to become incredibly creative when preparing foods.  We make them last for as long as we can and we turn leftovers into some really interesting and tasty new dishes with very little extra effort.  It's gotten me thinking, why not write a cook-book?

It's not like I haven't thought about it before.  When my husband and I were first going out we cooked together a lot then too.  So recently I started writing down the recipes we've been creating.  I've always been a reader of fiction.  When I started to create my own world I started reading non-fiction as a way to legitimize and otherwise ground my creation but I'd never really had an interest in writing non-fiction.

Oddly enough, despite my skepticism I'm finding a peculiar joy in jotting down my recipes as I create them (or more commonly asking my husband to write down whatever I call out).  I've made some really interesting dishes and as my recipe cards grow thicker I am considering more and more seriously about putting a cook-book together... now the only question I have for myself is how the heck is a fiction writer who cooks going to market something like a cookbook?

I certainly don't feel qualified!