Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Uninspired week.

I can't think of anything to post this week.  I'm feeling unfocused and ill, though I've been trying to think of something to post.  I know I had several ideas earlier in the week but I got distracted and now I can't find the note paper I'd been looking for to write it down.  Sooooo, that means this week's post is kind of weak.

The fact that the phrase "this week's post is kind of weak" makes me giggle the way it does is a suggestion that I'm probably getting sick.  Either that or I'm just really off right now.  That being said, with the rush and bustle of Christmas, writing and the blog haven't been high on my mind.  It's amazing how this time of year makes everything else slip away, especially when you're still (or still choosing to) make your own Christmas presents.  They may be easy on the wallet but boy do they take a LOT of time to do.

I almost called this post "the indulgence of Chocolate" since I've been spending a lot of time making chocolates.  I'm trying to think of some unusual flavors that will make good chocolates, like paprika lime or curry cashew maybe.  Right now I make tea-chocolates, they're kind of my thing and I've made them several years in a row so I'm getting pretty good at it.  The attempted study of them is much more difficult than you'd thing.  Half the time you get the same information regarding the "chocolate makers" which involves the beans when most people are actually Chocolatiers, not chocolate makers.  Funny huh?  All the chocolatier books? Yeah, they're ridiculously expensive...

I love chocolate, and it fits in with the romance genre in so many ways.  Men enjoy it too of course, but hey, it's so associated and aimed at women... anyway, it's a fun hobby and eventually maybe I'll move on to making and selling them.  They're pretty good so far if I do say so myself. :D  Hopefully next week I'll be able to concentrate on something other than... well... chocolate.