Friday, November 25, 2011

Chapter update - NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo isn't happening for me this year.  Why?  Well frankly I got into some stuff at work that I really wish hadn't have happened but it did and it had to be dealt with.  Combine that with writer's block already and I wasn't exactly moving very quickly.  To be honest I wasn't even really trying and there's something disappointing in that.  I had time if I pushed myself but I lacked motivation and desire.

Do you ever feel that way with your writing?  Sometimes the things in life can be used, sometimes those same things can be used but they have to be worked through first.  I've been very proactive in saying that you should keep writing during anything else.  If you've got the desire to write then WRITE, but I understand that sometimes things happen that sap your motivation or pull your desire to write away.

For this story?  Well I had that happen before the work thing, but the work thing did need to be resolved.  Hopefully that will happen sooner than later.  The bigger problem is my frustration and lack of desire to write.  What's with that?  I realized that while I get a great deal of joy out of creating and reading the final desire I'm not a terribly good writer.  I don't mean the words I chose or the phrases that I pick, more the actual ability to sit down and find the discipline to write.  Fortunately I think there's still hope for me as that means I have the potential to be a good writer but I'm not quite there yet.  So what to do first?  Well first I think I should put myself on a schecule I actually think I could motivate myself to follow.

It's kind of like a diet that you don't really feel like doing but you know you should, you've got to start with realistic goals, small ones, so that you can see your progress faster than you think you will.  So my first small goal is to find an two hours a week to write.  I can find the time to go and memorize my scripts, I can find the time to fiddle with games or my computer or anything else, surely I can find two measly hours to write every week.  It won't be as fast as I like or as fast as I know I'm capable of BUT it will be steady and it will help with my discipline as a writer.

If you're having similar problems I hope you'll consider going on this "writer's diet" with me, lol!  When it's over hopefully we'll all come out as well toned and fit writers!