Friday, September 9, 2011

God's Gift to Me!

So today I'm feeling a little like it's my birthday.  I have been trying to figure out what to do while I'm writing so that I'm out of the house and not sitting here alone all the time but that wouldn't cost money (aka, sitting at a restaurant since I can never justify sitting there without steadily buying drinks and/or food v.v') but that won't leave me sitting alone all day in the house.  God's answered my prayer and with something I never expected to happen!

For some time now I've had to great loves, writing and film but I figured there was no way that I would be able to make them fit together.  Not unless I had something published and someone wanted to make one of my books into a movie or if I wrote a screenplay and managed to get on set.  However, I did send out an application to an extra agency.  Last year we (hubby and I) had joined one agency but they were so huge we never got any roles, never even a hint of it.  Part of that was lack of work (which I understand hasn't really changed) and part of it was I think how big the agency was and how inexperienced we were.  The agency I applied to more recently (after leaving the first) is much more specialized and takes a much smaller roster.  I figured I wouldn't get in but I did get a relatively positive response with my first application but then heard nothing.  When we got back from Europe I didn't think to email them back right away but hubby suggested I do so if I was still serious about it so I did.  A little while later I got a call asking me to send more information because they couldn't find my previous email that asked for it and yesterday I got a call asking if I was free today for a set call they thought I'd be perfect for!

So what do I get to do today?  I get to go hang around set, get paid for hanging around, work as an extra (no, can't tell you where or what show yet) and in the hanging around time, chat or *puts dramatic and triumphant music on* write!  God's given me a huge gift in that since I won't be home attached to my computer games that I've had so much trouble on and I'll be making money while I write and working in between!  This couldn't have worked out much better so pray it continues and I might just get this book done and get into film like I've always wanted in a way I never, ever expected.

God's so good!

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