Thursday, February 21, 2013


The last two weeks have been strange and crazy, which is perhaps no excuse for my forgetting to post, but may explain why.  Firstly, I have decided on a career change.  I will be keeping up the blog, once a week, but it will likely be about acting and writing since I am pursuing acting more seriously.  I will continue to write, but as I have time and as a secondary means of creative outlet instead of a primary income source (which did not work for me at all).

Personally a lot of things have happened, not to me directly for the most part, but to those around me.  Since those stories are theirs to tell or not I won't share them on here, merely say that they've played a part in my absence as the real world was far more important in these cases.  Outside of those things, I'm also auditioning for a training program tomorrow that will run for six months.  If I get it (hopefully when, but I don't want to get ahead of myself), I'll be very, very busy for the next six months.  Ideally the film industry will have sorted itself out by then.  If not, well, I suppose I'll try and get an agent who looks globally for work, not just locally.  I want to work after all, that's half the fun of this career!

I have found that choosing to follow this path has actually relaxed my expectations on my writing, which perversely is making the thought of writing much more bearable.  I don't have to worry about it being done now, I can put the time and effort into it to make it really, really good.  It's a huge relief that I didn't even realize I needed until I did it.  As for the chocolates, I have decided I will still play with them and learn about them, and may one day open up a business with them, but for now, I am just going to make them for people I love on special occasions or when I'm asked to by those who have tried them and liked them.  (And yes, you will probably have to pay me for those lol).

All in all it's been a crazy but overall okay couple of weeks.  we'll have to see how everything plays out once I've done the audition tomorrow.  As to my personal friends and family who are in the midst of great troubles, know that my prayers and my thoughts are with you all and to any of my readers who are inclined to do so, if you think of me, then think of these people I mention so vaguely and send your prayers up for them.  God will know what they're for and who and will take care of the rest.  Many thanks.

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