Thursday, December 20, 2012


It snowed here a couple days ago.  I'm always of a mixed mind about those things.  I love watching snow fall when I'm safely tucked up at home with everything I need (including my husband lol!) but I hate driving in it overall.

Snow seems to be one of those strange things that, despite the frustration of driving in it, there is something utterly magical about watching this massive, fat, white flakes flutter down from the sky like lazy bits of cotton.  When they start to stick there's a sense of dread that the roads are going to be really terrible, or something along those lines, but there's also magic in it.  It covers the world and turns it white.  It changes things so quickly and so completely in that short time.  It's one things to see the changing of the seasons and there's a certain type of magic in that too.  I think part of it though, is that very speed that makes it so magical.  The world is made new in a matter of hours.

Weather's an interesting thing in novels, it can be a portent of things to come like in Shakespeare, it can create the most heartbreaking or most romantic atmosphere.  Snow in particular seems to be a wonderful thing for romantic moments.  I believe this is because of the inherent romance we attach to the idea of snow, especially in places that don't get it often (I imagine that people on the east coast or even further north than I am might not think quite so romantically about snow, but you never know).

Consider that the next time you're writing something.  Weather can really set the mood or can destroy it if you're not careful in what and how you create it.  Snow is beautiful and magical but can be a blizzard, or even a whiteout.  There's at least one horror movie and a few murder mysteries that use the whiteout idea to create a tiny, tense environment.  The weather is also reflecting the violence of the coming situation in that sense.  IN a romance sense, you would have a gently falling snow create a soft, romantic mood, perhaps covering over the problems or the past or what have you.  It still has to be believable of course, we don't usually want snow in July unless there's a reason for it to be there!  Not everyday has to be one type of weather, but if you change it randomly with no purpose you could lose a vital aspect that enhances your story very, very subtly.

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