Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apologies and Plans

First off, sorry this post is late.  My home internet connection has decided it no longer likes my computer, though it seems fine with everyone else's and this is the first chance I've had to get online in order to post this, so apologies for anyone who was looking for this post yesterday when it didn't show up.

Second.  For the next several blog posts I've decided to do another theme.  Since I'm currently working on a romance story I thought it would be fun to post some musing about the genre and about different things that I am observing while I am working on it.  Particularly in relation to fantasy as that is the genre that up to this point I have usually spent more time writing and reading.  I intend to do several book reviews and possibly a comparison between different types/styles/sub-genres of the romance genre.  I want to take a look into not only what we seem to think romance is but also as an extension to look into the kinds of characters that we usually want to see in our romances.  This may also slide into some looks into what we want to perceive as beautiful in relation to our romances.  For instance in film there is a very strong emphasis on the way that women look and are perceived as beautiful, but I have noticed that in terms of romance novels the main male character is often emphasized to particular looks in the same way women are in film.  Go figure eh?  It's one of the things I'll write about in the coming weeks and look more into.

Sorry the post is so short this week, Next week's will be done early and time posted for an early release so even if I can't get to my computer it should post automatically.  It's just too bad I didn't do it for this week!

God Bless.

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