Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Writer's Block - Some interesting Ideas

I was reading some articles (though I forget which one so if you recognize what i'm saying let me know and I'll source this info!)  about writer's block.  The most interesting thing that I found was that they suggested that the creative process must sometimes be left alone.  Weird huh?  You can force yourself to keep writing if you want, but they say often inspiration comes from your brain having rested and you doing something else.

The examples that they gave was doing things that took concentration but that didn't really take alot of thought.  Then you don't think about for awhile and suddenly... BAM... there's your new idea that's not the same old paths.  I don't know how well that works (I tried it yesterday as a hot shower and pampering yourself a bit was one of their suggestions) I found when I came back to my story I was just as stumped.  I've slipped over into trying to restructure this story and edit it instead of writing it and I'm not sure how to switch back to writing it.

I find that I'm not satisfied with anything that I write in regards to it, though I'll go through phases.  I was in a drama mood when I started writing it, but now I'm definitely not and that's what the story is.  So how do I get back into what the story is?  I'm not sure I can precisely.  I just have to push myself and keep writing it anyway and then edit it later.  Or maybe I should switch to a new story idea.  Overall I'm not feeling terribly creative.  I'll have to find some nice thoughtless but concentration intensive things to do... something that worked better than just the shower.  I did think about it, but my mind wandered off my story pretty quickly.  Good luck!

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